Common Traits Among Successful Property Investors

At Property Connection WA we offer an integrated approach to real estate.

From residential property sales, residential property leasing and property management through to mortgage broking, settlements and more.

We are fortunate to have Dallas Shores, our very own mortgage broker in-house to help navigate the best possible home loans with the best features and rates for our valued clients.

Dallas helps hundreds of people a year secure the very best investment loans, so he knows a thing or two about property investors.

We sat down with Dallas to ask him if there are any common traits among successful property investors he works with. Read his reply below…


Property investment helps you grow your wealth through capital growth and provides additional income via rental returns.

I work with clients all over Australia to help them start their property investing journey, maintain their existing investment loans and to look to new investment opportunities.

From those I have worked with, the most common traits of the most successful property investors are:

They are proactive about self-education

Successful property investors educate themselves by undertaking activities such as listening to podcasts, reading books, investment magazines and online resources and attending seminars, forums, and courses.

They rely on the experts

Successful property investors seek out professionals such as mortgage brokers, real estate agents, financial planners, accountants, conveyancers, buyers’ agents, and property managers to help them make smart property investment decisions.

They’re not complacent

Successful property investors continually review their loans to make sure they are receiving the best possible features and rates.

They have vision

Successful property investors see the big picture and understand the nature of property cycles, Having vision is what sets the successful investor apart from the mediocre one.

Would you like to know more?

Dallas would love to help you find the very best mortgage to suit your current or future property investments requirements.

Passionate about property finance, Dallas can be contacted on 0437 498 800, 24 hours a day to assist you with your individual finance requirements, whether you are buying or looking to refinance.

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